Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Japanese Fast Food

I had this for dinner at one of the chain fast food stores they have in Japan. I had Katsudon (Pork Strips on Rice) and the meal came with a half-boiled egg, kimchi, and soup. It was pretty good... and filling too! I was famished from all the walking.

Anyway, the most interesting thing about the whole meal was the ordering part. There were only two people minding the place, one in the kitchen and one outside taking care of the customers. Right by the door is a machine that has pictures of all the meals they have. And... guess what? You press the meal you want and put in some coins. Voila! You can a meal ticket and that's what you give to the waiter. No Japanese needed. Hmm... efficient too.

Clever, huh?


The Cooking Ninja said...

oooh ... I would love to have a bowl of Katsudon right now. yummy

ellenmae said...

Vending machine...nice...I Love Rei Rei Ken's Katsudon

wencute ^_^ said...

I'm hungry..grrr... =P

usws said...

Haha, as long as those machines aren't like the ones here that randomly 'eat' your money without giving anything back in return. Either that or they won't accept your notes/coins although no matter how much you try to force them in. I'd starve to death like that.

Oh wait, i think i misunderstood. So the food doesn't come out from the machine? And i thought it prepared everything from the cooked rice right up to the hot soup.


p.s. I know some who would very well kill the efficiency of the place.

James n_n said...

Nice to see hungry people around.. haha! n_n

Aisha B. Holley said...

Hightech! lol! Imagine if that's what we'll do in the Philippines, many won't have jobs anymore.