Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bonus: Food Encounters in Japan

Here are some pictures of food and food-related stuff from my first trip to Nagoya and
Osaka in Japan!

mmm... ice cream~
Baskin Robbins

i did ask what this is, but i didn't fully understand what she said... basically, it's some sort of glutinous rice cake (sweet) covered in salty sauce... interesting taste


Cynthia said...

James, thanks for stopping by and visiting! The sandwich is half-eaten, yes because I was so hungry and watching it through the camera lens alone just got to me :)

Looking forward to seeing you around.

tigerfish said...

From Taipei to's galore indeed! More please!
I will check out your other posts for what to eat in TW. hee hee..

Thx for visiting my blog :)

Joy said...

I miss rice cakes!!! I wish I could make some here but I have yet to find the rice flour that I need to make them.

bisdakbabbles said...

Baskin & Robins... the Japanese calls it "31"... definitely the best ice cream ever! ^-^

but... I'm not really crazy over rice cakes.