Thursday, July 17, 2008

Conveyor Belt Sushi (part 1)

Do you like sushi and sashimi? I do. I go gaga over them. :P

There's this conveyor belt sushi chain store in Taiwan which charges NT30 (approx. USD1) a plate.

Here are some of the stuff we had on our last visit:

Miso Soup

Seafood Sushi

Salmon Sashimi Sushi - my favorite!!!

Dunno what kind of fish this is but I love it! It's a bit sour and simply yummy!

Salmon Salad Sushi


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Booyah! said...


send me a link when you do :D

jamezu said...

nice sushi! :).. the gambling guy is a spammer.. i think, his comments are generic

Booyah! said...

oh... then i'm talking to a computer @@

Cape Town Shuttles said...

Wow great idea, great blog!

Exsperience more of our habbits in Cape Town

notjustpretty said...

hello from Canada! Love your blog!

That salmon looks yummy! is that inari wrapping on the last one?


Booyah! said...

hi notjustpretty,

i don't really know what's inari but that's tofu skin :D

btw, it's very filling