Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yu-Hsi Dimsum Resto

So we went to this dimsum restaurant in Taipei. Dimsum is supposed to Hong Kong-style side dishes, right? But somehow it seems like some of the dishes were more Taiwanese than HK-ese.
But anyway I'm not really complaining cuz they were pretty good!
eggplant dish

tofu in crab sauce


radish cakes

prawn in spring rolls

(nice texture... haha)

spicy hot stinky tofu
(it was like, ugh... either you like it or you don't. i didn't)

deep fried large intestine

(very delectable)

beef + veggies

large intestines + pig blood cubes

(i don't eat pig blood so i skipped this one...)

tossed prawn and eggs

The resto is located near the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall MRT Station and a set (five dishes) cost NTD390 + 10% tax. It's not exactly super cheap but it's a pretty good deal!

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