Sunday, December 23, 2007

Japanese Cake

This is my first night here in Taipei. Japanese cakes are delicious, I bought this one in ShiDa Night Market (Custard flavor). Other flavors include chocolate, cheese, red beans, peanut and i don't know how to read the last one in chinese. hehe.


tigerfish said...

I think sesame is not there! :)
Oh you were in Taipei. Still planning one trip to Taipei from here.

bisdakbabbles said...

I love eating that. oishii! :)

James n_n said...

The japanese cake is so delicious and it has many flavors to choose from. I also saw japanese cakes here in the philippines but the flavors are very few. n_n

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Anonymous said...

do you know the recipe?i just want to try it at home...can you give the ingredients please?