Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello Kitty Sweets resto in Taipei (Part IV)

Photography session:
The Hello Kitty jelly dessert, 'up close and personal.' Heehee...

Hello Kitty Sweets resto in Taipei (Part III)

What I had...
With the set meal came:
mushroom soup as an appetizer,
a tropical juice drink (on a Hello Kitty coaster),
the main course (tomato gratin),
and the dessert (extra-firm strawberry jelly)
(I meant it when I said extra-firm... I'll upload a video as proof in a few days.)

Hello Kitty Sweets resto in Taipei (Part II)

The cakes were pretty neat (not that I've tried all of them)... I meant they look neat.
The two cakes I did try were pretty good.
Although it feels pretty weird digging into Hello Kitty's face....

Hello Kitty Sweets resto in Taipei (Part I)

Here's a little something for all you Hello Kitty fanatics out there -- a Hello Kitty restaurant!
It's located in the upscale East district in Taipei.
The restaurant serves meals, drinks, and dessert -- primarily dessert.
The cakes cost about USD 3 and the meals start at about USD 10, quite steep a price for Taipei.
Oh, and they have a 10% service charge in addition to the price.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sanwei Shokudo... again!

With prices this affordable and food this good, I can't help but come back for seconds (and thirds!) in this Taiwanese-style Japanese resto!

Miso soup all-you-can-drink for free!

Yum! Very appealing veggie salad


Jumbo-sized sashimi o-nigiris!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sesame Porridge

Sesame Porridge
(Sesame, Bean Curd, and Red Bean)
NTD 50 (approx USD 1.5)

They can be served hot or cold, whichever you prefer
They're sold in Shida Night Market, Taipei Taiwan
It's really nice for dessert

Conventional Taiwanese Fare

(clockwise starting from the shrimp):
Shrimp, Deep-Fried Pork (i think), Ostrich meat and Abalone (I think), Sashimi (Yum!)

This meal concluded our three-day spring break trip down Southern Taiwan

DnD: Dimsum and Dumplings

Yummy Mini-Dumplings
(they were so good that we bought a bag of frozen ones home for the birthday party :D)

Taho with Tapioca

Aristocrat Chicken Barbeque

Aristocrat Chicken BBQ, a long-time favorite!

This is something I never fail to have whenever I go to Manila!

PS. James goes crazy for their sauce :P